Cerealism Cafe plans to “bring morning vibes to your everyday lives” by taking your favorite cereals and turning them into different foods.

With over 75 cereal options, guests can enjoy a simple bowl of cereal, or you can mix and match them, add any of the 50+ toppings available, choose and customize your milk and milk flavors, and even turn it into a bowl of ice cream or a milkshake served in a milk carton.

They also serve cereal toast, cereal sushi, cereal tacos, and more. However, if your sweet tooth isn’t that sweet, Cerealism also has keto-friendly cereals overnight oats and fresh fruit from the local farmers market for toppings as well.

There are four rooms, all with a different theme. Eat your sweets in Toucan Sam’s Froot Loop room, the Captain Crunch Island Beach Club room, the Lucky Charms room, even the Super Mario room where you can watch vintage cartoons and play board games and video games.

In 2019, Cerealism was selected as one of the top five finalists in Downtown Sacramento’s Calling All Dreamers Contest. From there, Reddix-Espinoza took all the information she learned and all the support she received and officially secured her spot on 128 K Street in Old Sacramento.