ANDERI BAILEY featuring Nick Larson
Laughs Unlimited


Anderi Bailey has a diverse styling that can bring laughter to your youth and elders alike; from comedy night at your local bar, headlining your local comedy club, to bringing the funny to the pulpit of your church home.

Anderi has been mastering his craft since ‘06, with his talent and hard work leading the way to opening for the likes of D.L. Hughley, Earth Quake and Charlie Murphy. Also bringing him front-and-center on the Historical and Legendary stage of the Apollo Theater, along with Laughs Unlimited and Tommy T’s comedy clubs, and ultimately to his television debut on Magic Johnson’s aspire network’s “Who Got Next” comedy special. This year Anderi, was chosen by Kevin Hart and Comedy Central for this season’s Funny is Funny show set to air in September.

Being raised in the Church and not being a stranger to the hood allows Mr. Amen to provide an environment, and a performance, that everyone of all ages and back grounds can be comfortable in and entertained by.


November 26 + 27, 2021

8-9:30pm & 10:30-11:59pm

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$25 per person/tickets available at