Gold Fever! Games Tours
By The Sacramento History Museum


Guests to the Old Sacramento Waterfront can experience what it was like to catch gold fever while getting actively involved in the intriguing Gold Fever! games. Participants take on personas of characters in history — or “real-life rascals” — who scratched and clawed their way to make this area the center of the Gold Rush. Never the same experience twice, Gold Fever! games relive Sacramento’s early days when gold fever ruled amid horrible disasters that threatened fates and fortunes. To spice things up even more, elements of chance are introduced that could change the fate of tour guests. Through the course of the lively tours that meander through the historic district, visitors discover if they successfully escaped the many floods, if they managed to keep their gold dust (or lost it all at the gambling tables) and if they survived the fires, disease and occasional steamboat explosion.

Photo Credit: Sacramento History Museum