GREG WILSON featuring Kalea McNeill
Laughs Unlimited


The Monster Truck of Stand-up

The Hurricane of Hilarious

The Mexican Megaphone

You’ve seen Greg on too many TV shows to count. “The Neighborhood”, “Upload”, “Narcos:Mexico”, “Superstore”, “Hawaii Five-O” and “Modern Family” to name a few. He’s done stand-up on Showtime, ABC, TruTv, VH1 and Comedy.TV

But you haven’t SEEN Greg until you see him LIVE.

No audience member is safe from Greg’s anything-goes style. Skip the abs workout when Greg’s in town, he gotchu.


Friday October 8, 2021 & Saturday October 9, 2021

8:00 pm – 9:30 pm

10:30 pm – 12:00am

$25 per person/tickets available at