Jordan Conley – LIVE COMEDY
Laughs Unlimited Comedy Club & Lounge


I was always told I should be a stand up comedian. I won class clown at every level of schooling, but I wasn’t a believer that I would be good as a stand up comic. Four years after being told I should try stand up, at 18, I went to my first open mic where I did terribly, but I loved it. I stopped immediately after that first time tho because I didn’t have a way of getting to the comedy spots. It wasn’t until six years later, when I finally bought my first car, that I dropped out of school and immediately jumped back into stand up comedy at full force. I started out doing 12 to 15 open mics a week working craft and taking it very seriously with hopes and dreams of being the next big thing. Two months after starting stand up, my Uncle, Dextor Smiles, hooked me up with my first paying gig.

It was at a church and there were 500 people in attendance and I was paid $50. I did 5 minutes to open the show and I was extremely nervous. Thanks to my uncle and now mentor who headlined that particular show, McClinton Neal, I went on that stage with confidence and got off to a standing ovation. That lead to a huge door opening of getting more and more church shows which really help build connections with other comics. Those connections helped me to get into comedy clubs which helped my career even further. I went on to win a few comedy competitions including, being a part of KROQ’s Kevin and Bean’s April Foolishness show at the Microsoft Theater in LA. As of today, I now have a manager, I’ve headlined comedy clubs, and I work, as a comic, for weekly legendary comedy show, Chocolate Sundaes, which takes place at the historic Laugh Factory in LA after three years in comedy and I’m just getting started. God is good.