Laugh It Forward – Comedy Show Fundraiser
Laughs Unlimited Comedy Club & Lounge


$20 of every admission goes to All About Equine

Headliner Carlos Rodriguez

Successful Rescue and Rehabilitation of Horses and Other Animals Run by heroic volunteers and the financial contributions of donors, All About Equine Animal Rescue, Inc. (AAE) successfully rescues and rehabilitates horses and other animals. AAE was founded in 2009 by a couple of individuals who were heartbroken to see large numbers of horses being neglected, abandoned, or sent to auction/slaughter due in part to the economic downturn experienced by much of the country and Northern California, in particular. Wanting to make a difference, they determined to do all they could with what resources they could muster. They worked to turn a small family-owned ranchette into a working horse facility, and in June 2009, the concept of the rescue became a reality when the first two slaughter-bound mare/foal pairs were brought in from a foreign-owned slaughterhouse feedlot in Nevada. Since that day, over 360 horses have found their way through AAE’s barn doors. AAE relocated to its 61-acre property in 2021-22.