Rudy Ortiz – LIVE COMEDY
Laughs Unlimited Comedy Club & Lounge


I’m a comic from San Leandro, CA and I really enjoy going on stages and letting a room full of strangers judge me. Such a glutton for punishment. I worked in a liquor store for a long time so I saw a lot of weird things. I was also held up at gun point twice but was never shot. Now THAT, my friends, is what you call good crowd work.

I’m also the producer of “Rare Form Comedy” which is a monthly standup comedy showcase

that has been running since 2014 in various locations throughout Northern California.

My love of sports and giving my unwanted opinion has led me to co-host “The 3 Amigos” on

San Francisco’s 95.7 The Game from 2014-2016 and co-host “The Audible” on San Francisco’s KNBR from 2016-2017. I spent 2018-19 as a movie critic for “Sarah & Vinnie” on Alice 97.3 in San Francisco and am currently the co-host of The Dream Team morning show on 102.9 KBLX in San Francisco.

I’ve worked at clubs all over the country from the Hollywood Improv to the Miami Improv and am currently touring with the creator of Cholofit and “Creeper” himself, Frankie Quiñones.

Well, folks, thats me. It’d be great to meet you. Seriously, I’m a “people person”. Come watch me perform live sometime. We’ll probably end up hanging out at the bar where we can confirm or debunk all of your concerns.