Waterfront Yoga
with Yoga Moves Us


The Old Sacramento Waterfront is excited to bring back Waterfront Yoga, a FREE series hosted by YOGA MOVES US, this Summer 2021!

Yoga Moves Us classes are open to all types and abilities. Yoga classes will generally involve a gentle warm-up, sun salutations, and breathing practice while progressing through standing, seated, and reclined postures. Yin classes are much slower and involve deep relaxation in mild-to-somewhat-intense postures. Yoga Nidra classes are aimed at complete relaxation with led meditation. Yoga Moves Us encourages each practitioner to listen to their body and modify or skip postures as needed.

Join us on the 1849 Scene at 101 I street every Sunday at 9AM. 

This event is free. 

Donations are welcomed.

Register here!