Your Queer Pride Experience: Exhibition Opening Reception
Atrium 916


On Saturday, June 10th, experience Pride through the multi-faceted artistic
lens of local LGBTQ community members. Sip complimentary beverages,
meet the artists and experience all their complex and personal expressions of
This Pride month collaborative showcase features a collection of work curated by Atrium
artist Ashley Deering, otherwise known as DepressedHappily. Since her first solo show a
year ago, Deering has catapulted into a recognized name throughout Northern California.
She continues to address deep topics as an advocate for mental health support in her
vibrant, playful and three dimensional style.
For Pride Second Saturday, Deering is bringing together a diverse and talented local group
of sustainability-focused LGBTQ artists, each with their own unique backgrounds.
DepressedHappily, Herbagaga, Gen Romo Tattoos, The Artist Known as Nyx and Druyan
combined their talents to create this introspective exhibition. From a traditionalist tattoo
artist to a tango dancer, this group displays personal and profound art in a medley of
mediums; an explosion of texture, color and queer joy.
Artists, art collectors, sustainability lovers, LGBTQ community members and allies are all
invited to the exhibition opening evening reception. Enjoy complimentary beverages,
make sustainable art surrounded by art and experience Pride. The gallery space is well
ventilated with floor to ceiling accordion french doors that open to the patio, creating an
indoor/outdoor setting.