Giant Golden Spike
Sacramento Railroad Museum


As part of a special Jupiter Tour, a giant Golden Spike Monument that is over 43’ long and weighing 8,000 pounds will be on special display all day outside the California State Railroad Museum on the 1849 Scene at the Old Sacramento Waterfront.

Free and family-friendly programming from 12-3 p.m. that will include interpretive panels and spot talks.

Old Sacramento is one of the Driving of the Spike “whistle stops” for the commissioned public art piece – created by sculptor Douwe Blumberg in 2021 – that will travel from Utah to Sacramento and back with a mission to recognize the contributions of railroad workers of the Central Pacific Railroad. The monument was designed to celebrate the power and diversity of those whose labor and sacrifices contributed to building the nation’s first Transcontinental Railroad. The community is encouraged to see the spike in-person at an interesting horizontal angle (on a flatbed) before it is installed upright in Brigham City, Box Elder County, Utah.

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