Holiday Gift Guides
Shop local at 50+ stores in Old Sacramento Waterfront


This season, skip the mall and enjoy an immersive holiday experience while you shop for the people you love at locally owned stores in Old Sacramento Waterfront.

When you spend money at a small business, your money stays in the Sacramento community and works to make our city an even better place. For every dollar you spend at a locally owned business, about 67 cents stays local.

Keep your money local while exploring all the fun holiday events and decorations in Old Sacramento.

Here are our ideas on some of the best gifts to buy for the people you love.


Gifts For Sacramento’s Biggest Fans

Get these gifts for the person who wants to rep Sac all the time, but has enough Kings gear! >>


Gifts For The Person Who Has Everything

Elevate something the person who has everything already loves. The draw here is that these gifts are all handmade as well. >>


Gifts For The Style Icon

Style is quite personal, but if you know the person well enough, you’ll be able to add unique pieces to their collections. >>


Gifts For The Person Who Always Hosts

The host in your life has enough cutting boards! While they may thank you, try one of these instead. >>


Gifts For The Luxury Lover

Feeling luxurious during the holidays is essential, especially for the people who relish the finer things in life. These gifts are spendy but totally worth it. >>


Gifts For The Person Who Values Experiences

Is the person you are shopping for a minimalist? Maybe they’re just conscience of not contributing to materialistic consumerism? I give you: experience gifting! >>


Gifts For a White Elephant Exchange

Here are some white elephant gifts that are sure to get stolen because people will actually want them. >>


Gifts to Use as Stocking Stuffers

Find a few small, fun items to stuff your stockings! >>


Have your own ideas on what you want to gift? 
Explore all of our 50+ locally owned retail stores here.

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