Candle Making Class
Warehouse Creative

Event Warehouse Creative

Saturday March 19th

6 pm -8 pm

This is a wonderful experience that can be used to explore new scents, customize learn basic candle care, and enter into a new hobby.

Class will start right at 6pm to give candles an opportunity to properly solidify. A shipping option will be available if you can’t stay the entire two hour period or arrive after 6:15pm. Classes typically last about 45 minutes to an hour. Once the class is done, the candles take about 45 minutes to set enough for you to take them home.




Class includes:

-Candle Making Experience

-Two Complimentary Drinks

Add Ons:

-Charcuterie/Grazing Box


Booking an experience includes all the materials needed during the class, plus your very own candle to take home afterward. During the workshop, you will get to pick your fragrance and your vessel, and then the instructor will guide you step by step on how to make your candle.