Gregory Shilling Gallery Show
Atrium 916

Event Atrium 916

Local environmental artist, Gregory Shilling, has his opening show with the Atrium Gallery in Old Sacramento.

Gregory Shilling’s artwork is an abundance of visual symbolism which will have you mesmerized with discovery. Sip wine, meet artist Gregory Shilling, and talk art at the Atrium Gallery in historic Old Sacramento.

On May 20th, Gregory Shilling, will be premiering his second gallery showing at The Atrium, Sacramento’s Creative Innovation Center for Sustainability. Enjoy refreshing beverages and get to know the artist through his exploration of life via oil paintings and wooden sculptures.

Shilling’s work across mediums draws the viewer in as he plays with light, shadow and shape. His human forms evoke a depth of emotion which calls upon the individual to relate to the weight of collective human experience. His jostling city scenes are brimming with allegory, holding endless thought-provoking surprises. There is both cause for both laughter and serious reflection hidden side by side.

All are welcome to this Atrium Gallery event which will be held in an indoor/outdoor setting with our floor-to-ceiling french doors which open to the patio.