Tour the World: Artistic photography by JD Mims
Atrium 916

Event Atrium 916

Travel across oceans into a world of natural beauty and manmade wonders as
Sacramento fine art photographer JD Mims launches his premiere gallery
exhibition on Saturday, September 10th. This event is free to attend with wine
and an artist interview.
Born and raised in Chicago, JD Mims moved to Sacramento to pursue his medical career.
While exploring the city he discovered a love of photography. Looking at the world through
his lens he captures the beauty, complexity, and uniqueness of life and people.
Mims’s photographic style incorporates an element of magical realism; he plays with light in
ways that illuminate landscapes that they glow with mystic life and color. Each photograph
is a unique story from the bustling cities of France to the lush, green Irish seaside and the
ethereal landscapes of Iceland. Mims Photography art exhibit takes audiences into vibrant
scenes around the world..
Art lovers and collectors are invited to the gallery exhibit. The gallery space is well ventilated
with floor-to-ceiling accordion french doors that open to the patio, creating an indoor/outdoor