Transmutations: An Uncanny Sculpture Exhibition by Laurel Marana
Atrium 916

Event Specialty Entertainment Art, Antiques & Collectibles

On Saturday, October 8th, immerse yourself in the latest gallery exhibition by surrealist sculptor Laurel Marana, inspired by her meditative explorations. This event is free to all ages, including complimentary beverages and an exclusive interview with the artist.

“Transmutations” is a collection of sculptures made of familiar found objects transformed into other-worldly artifacts. Artist Laurel Marana is purpose-driven and deliberate in her personal efforts to incorporate environmental sustainability into her work. She takes discarded everyday items and gives them new life as dream-like apparitions and curiosities. 

Marana is guided by her eclectic Earth-based spirituality. She finds that repetition in her artistic processes becomes an active practice of prayer and meditation. By puzzling together pieces of broken glass tile, delicately gilding or sculpting, Marana creates vibrant mosaics and structures with focused purpose and design. Her uncanny dreamlike forms stem from our known and familiar reality and extend to a surreal, nonverbal, and unknown reality. She believes art allows viewers to confront our personal relationships with the universe, ourselves, each other, and the Earth.

Art lovers and collectors alike are invited to the exhibition opening night. This event is free to attend and includes complimentary beverages provided by local brewery At Ease Brewing company. The gallery space is well ventilated with floor to ceiling accordion french doors that open to the patio, creating an indoor/outdoor setting.