Tutu Sunset Jam
Atrium 916

Event Atrium 916

Sunset DJ Jam | Sacramento River Embarcadero at J Street | 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.

“Putting on a Tutu puts people in a playful mindset,” said Ed Fletcher, president of Sacramento Valley Spark. “We want to cultivate more creative playfulness in our communities.”

Making a tutu is fun and easy. Pick your favorite colors and express yourself. Our no-sew tutus are hand-tied in minutes.

“Making a tutu using tulle is a fun activity for adults and kids. You really customize it by picking your colors and adding upcycled elements,” said Shira Lane, founder of Atrium 916.

Sacramento Valley Spark, inspired by the Ten Principles of Burning Man, unites the local community through art and positive change. Founded in 2012, Sacramento Valley Spark grew out of a successful community effort to create an event where local art is showcased and attendees have the freedom to express themselves in the way they see fit.

Atrium 916 is a Creative Innovation Center for Sustainability on a mission to build a kind creative and sustainable future. We do this by elevating the local creative economy to build a circular economy. With impactful system solutions, education, art, and events, the Atrium is a hub where creatives come to collaborate and innovate towards the regenerative omni-considerate future this planet needs. Buy eco-friendly and Sacramento-made at Sacramento.Shop